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Watch These Videos To Get The Most Out of Your Healing Experience At The Source Chiropractic

We have designed these videos to aid your healing, share in our excitement for your experience, and give you greater insight on our natural healing approach.

What you will learn in these videos range from...​

✔️How best to receive a adjustment to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience.

✔️The importance of why you were recommended a plan instead of an individual adjustment.

✔️What you can be doing at home to maximize your healing results.

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At The Source Chiropractic we believe in your ability to heal, naturally.


Regardless of the injuries you have had, the traumas you have experienced, or the current condition of your health, we believe you have the ability to improve your health without drugs or surgery. 

Many of you may be experiencing symptoms in this moment, as you know one approach to health care is to "mask the symptoms", to "cover the symptoms", to "numb the symptoms". However, this can result in never learning the lesson of "why" the symptoms are there!

So this is the main question we ask at The Source Chiropractic, "Why are you experiencing these symptoms?"

What we know is the symptoms are an effect, to an underlying cause. So what is the cause? Because if you never get to the cause, you will never heal. 

We believe in you, and we believe healing is possible, for you. 


During your "Discover Exam" at The Source we sought to discover "the cause". Because now that we know the cause, we can create a plan of action to heal. 

Healing will require a commitment, a devotion, and it will require a daily practice; and we are here to work in partnership with you.

Once you do,  you will be able to see and discover the infinite potential you have in healing. 

This is the Source way. 


 - Dr. Brett Jones 

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