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The Perfect Addition to Chiropractic Care is Massage


We also offer Therapeutic Massage in Berkeley here at The Source Chiropractic.


The body is interconnected and constantly adapting. The body creates tension and compression in various areas depending on your habits, patterns and postures.

The combination of massage with chiropractic is a great way to ensure you are getting the full body help you need.

Our Massage Team works with your Chiropractor to ensure you get the best results.

Massage Offerings:

We offer 60 and 90-minute massages, for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Fascial Release, Range of Motion, Sports Therapy, Therapeutic, and Relaxing Massage

60-Min: $120 

90-Min: $180

*Packages of 5 are also available which saves you money!

Save $20 on Your First Massage

Our Massage Therapists

G The Source Chiropractic Massage Therapy.JPG


Having been in the banking industry for over a decade, I now understand there is nothing

more important than our physical and emotional health. I believe everything happens for us and that the most important aspect of healing is to discover the true origin of dis-ease and what we can learn from it. The next step is then learning to let go to avoid accumulating muscle tension in the body. If you cannot do this alone, I offer specialties in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports massage to assist you in your journey.



After training and working as physiotherapist and yoga practitioner for several years, I have gained much knowledge and experience with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal structures. In addition to healing and following a holistic path, I specialize in providing many forms of therapeutic massage, including cupping and other eastern techniques. My services include Deep Thai Fusion massage; Sports massage with focus on stretching methods; and Medical massage with a neuromuscular and mobilization focus. All my therapies can be applied with different intensities, including deep, superficial, or myofascial release, depending on the initial assessment and/or your preference.



Using a holistic approach to health and wellness, my work combines techniques from Swedish and Thai massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, and reiki. My focus is to establish balance within the system through relaxation, unwinding and by tuning into the links between our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic selves. I believe this provides a necessary foundation of health and well-being to live life to our fullest potential. The combination of these techniques helps remove blockages to support optimum human performance and recovery. By incorporating a steady presence with attentive skill, I tend to your individual needs to better support you in meeting your personal health and wellness goals.

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